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Zaknafein's zin-carla (No picture could be found of the 'undead' Zaknafein)

Zaknafein Do'Urden was the Weapons Master of House Do'Urden, and was also the father of Drizzt do-urden. Zaknafein fathered Drizzt through the years that he spent at the Melee-Magthere and taught him many lessons that would one day save his life. He gave Drizzt the choice of weapons, of which Drizzt chose the scimitar. Zaknafein, in a dueling spar with his son, confessed to him that he did not believe in the way of the drow, like his son, which began something of a bonding relationship between the two. When Drizzt went renegade after graduation, Zaknafein's heart was broken. Matron Mother Malice, Drizzt's mother, decided after Zaknafein was given to Lolth as a sacrifice, to make a zin-carla to find her renegade son. The zin-carla of Zaknafein eventually found Drizzt, and they locked into combat at the brink of a volatile acid pool. Zaknafein's former self and his son had a brief heartfelt moment before Zaknafein took control of his "body" and plunged into the acid pool, thus ending himself . Later Zaknafein came to see Drizzt in spirit at the end of Passage to Dawn , who Cadderly- an extremely powerful priest -had summoned due to Drizzt rising hopes and falling hopes of his return from the spirit world.