General Edit

Uthegental Armgo is one of the most fearsome warriors in the City of Spiders;

Weapons  Edit

His weapon of choice is a net and a trident.

Description Edit

He is also the tallest drow in the city. When Uthegental was killed, it took 3 of the Gutbuster Brigade  jumping on him and Biderdoo in wolf form biting the back of his neck to take him down. The fight would have been cut short if he wasn't so willing to sacrifice his soldiers when Thibbledorf Pwent launched himself in a catipult. He pulled the nearest drow in front of him to take the brunt of Pwent's head spike; calling him bold would be an understatement; He opts to enter the deep gnome city alone. He has a thurst and bloodlust only ever matched Biderdoo as a wolf. He is known to eat the limbs of his victims.