Leader of the Gutbuster Brigade, Thibbledorf is a vicious fighter who, when provoked, gains a bloodlust envied only by dragons. He's is a particularly smelly dwarf, and Bruenor Battlehammer even commented on how bad he smelled, told him to take a bath, which is a major insult among dwarves. He helped defeat the massive drow Uthegental in the tunnels of Mithral Hall.

Thibbledorf is a very headstrong (literally) dwarf who, when provoked, will do anything to protect those he cares for. He has a large amount of self-confidence in battle, and seems to always look for a way to further injure himself.

Battle StyleEdit

At the start of a battle. Thibbledorf taunts the foe, usually with many vulgar names and references, to which the foe becomes more of a challenge with the invoked rage. Then, Pwent will latch onto the enemy with all of his strength, and shake rapidly, using his spiked armor to literally tear his enemy to ribbons.

Note: Usually doesn't work on giants, whose rage makes them a very difficult emeny for melee combat.


Pwent's weapon isn't an everyday sword, or more commonly for dwarves, an axe, but he uses his body as a weapon. His helm consists of a large spike, like a rhinocerous, with many jagged edges along the side and the back. His torso and shoulders are covered with a spiked chestplate and pauldrons, that connect with interlocking pieces. His arms are completely spiked, and end in fiercely spiked gauntlets. The same for his thighs and legs, and even his boots are completely spiked.