Ten-Towns is a group of villages in Icewind Dale that faces many dangers constantly, whether that be the harsh climate or the attacks from the barbarian tribes. The roads to and from the villages are no less perilous. They are filled with highwaymen, orcs, snow yetis, and giants.

Bryn Shander Edit

It is by far the biggest town of the ten; It is more of a walled city than its fishing village brothers.

Tentowns map

a map of ten towns

Cassius Edit

Cassius is the spokesman of Bryn Shander. He is one of the most powerful men in Ten Towns

Targos Edit

The second largest town and biggest fishing town in Icewind Dale it is the only other walled town.

Kemp Edit

The spokesman of Targos; his moto is war, like racism is bad for trade. Naturally as a merchant, he aposes war with the barbariens.

Lonelywood Edit

Former home of Regis it is known as the 'Home of the Halfling Hero'. One of Ten Towns largest suppliers of lumber, due to the forest just east of the town.

Regis Edit

The halfling that served as spokesman until he left with Drizzt, Wulfgar and Bruenor

Muladoon Edit

A merchant and skilled negotiator, he was a natural replacement for Regis as spokesman

Easthaven Edit

It is here that the insane Akar Kessell murders his master in the begining of 'The Crystal Shard' .

Glensather Edit

The well respected spokesman for Easthaven he sees Ten Towns as the only hope for civilization, he dies defending them in the Battle of Icewind Dale.

Termalaine Edit

The town attacked by the Tribe of the Bear most of the population fled to Bryn Shander. Soon after the battle, people rebuilt the ravaged town.

Agorwal Edit

The spokesman of Termalaine and owner of the Termalaine mine. He also died but in the Battle of Bryn Shander.

Bremen Edit

An often flooded fishing village, many comb the flooded plains when the waters leave to find gold orc weapions and other treasures.

Caer-Konig Edit

The small fishing village, rival to Caer-Dineval. Bloody Battles often take place between fishing boats on the Lake Lac Dinneshere.

Caer-Deneval Edit

The small fishing village, rival to Caer-Konig. Bloody Battles often take place between fishing boats on Lake Lac Dinneshere.

Dougan's HoleEdit

Not much is known about this town that was available to public.

Good MeadEdit

Not much is known about this town which is avaiable to the public.


Bremen is one of the towns of Ten Towns of Icewind Dale.