Sojourn was the third book in the Legend of Drizzt series, but it was the sixth to be published. It covered the events after Drizzt left the Underdark.


He traveled for a while, looking after a family of farmers until they discovered him. After easily besting the swordsman of the family, he handed the sword back in a show of a wish for friendship, but Connor instead ran away in fear.

The family was murdered by a Barghest in the form of Drizzt, and the drow set about taking revenge while some sought to kill him. A bounty hunter named McGristle had already concluded that the drow had not been the murderer, but he wanted the two thousand gold he'd been promised and he wanted revenge for the death of his dog, whom Guenwhyvar had killed, and so he continued to insist that Drizzt had actually been the killer.

Drizzt spent some time with a blind ranger named Montolio, where he learned the ways of the ranger, and then set off on his own after Montolio's death. At the very end of the book, he met Catti-brie.

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"Damned drow killed the Thistledowns!" --McGristle