The homeland of the Drow, or Dark Elf, is, in reality, the City of Darkness, the city of spiders to the drow. The city is devided into sectors that each have houses; There are at least 50, but the most prominent are the House Del'Armgo, House Daermon N'a'shezbaernon (Do'Urden), and House Baenre. The city's priestesses are trained in the spider-shaped clerical academy . One of the branches of the city's triune academies are Arach-Tinilith, which is neighbored by the warrior school, Meele-Magthere and Sorcere. The many tunnels that lead out of Menzoberranzan usually lead to the surface, where Drow raids frequent. The city was the birthplace of Drizzt do-urden.


City of Menzoberranzan

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