House Do'Urden (Informal, Daermon N'a'shezbaernon) was the tenth house of Menzoberranzan, the large underground Drow city in which Drizzt, his father Zaknafein, his two

The symbol of house Do'Urden (Daermon N'a'Shezbaernon). Shows a spider holding a weapon in each of it's legs, a dagger, a mace, a spear, a whip, a hammer, an axe, a scimitar, and a dirk.

brothers Dinnin and Nalfein, his three sisters, Briza, Maya and Vierna, and his mother, the Matron Mother Malice lived in.

House Do'Urden was a well respected house, in high favor of Lolth, until Drizzt saved the life of Ellifain, a young surface elf. At this point, the credibility of House Do'Urden crumbled and during the coming years, they grow weaker and weaker.

Drizzt leaves his House, and escapes into the Underdark, while matron Malice fails her Zin-carla. House Baenre attacks House Do'Urden, killing all (except for Malice, Vierna and Dinnin. Briza kills Malice, and the siblings join Bregan D'aerthe to survive). This is essentially the end of House Do'Urden.