Homeland was the first book of the Drizzt saga chronologically, though it was the fourth to be published. It consisted of the events before Drizzt's birth (near the beginning) and during the thirty years Drizzt was living within the society of the drow.


Drizzt was intended to be sacrificed to Lolth, for he was the third living child of Matron Malice, but when his older brother died he became secondboy and was therefore spared. Drizzt endured much mistreatment during his childhood, and ultimately, his father managed to convince Malice that Drizzt should be a warrior.

Drizzt was trained by Zaknafein, who insisted to himself that he was different and would not fall to the same murderous ways as most drow. Drizzt Do'Urden ended up being the best fighter in all of the academy, and every year after the first, when he was tricked, he won the grand melee.

Drizzt was sent on a surface raid, where surface elves, who the drow convinced their children were evil and a menace, were to be killed. He spared the life of a child by covering her in her slain mother's blood and convincing the others that he had slaughtered her. That was when he decided that he would not live the life of a drow. He was to be sacrificed for killing drow, but Zaknafein took his place and was killed instead. The House of Do'Urden offered him the position as the new weapons master, but he refused and fled the city of menzoberranzan.

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