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Harkle is a little shorter than average, with an untidy mess of black hair. He wears a set of worn wizard's robes, and has an air of enthusiasm about him that somehow manages to be unnerving.

The appearance of this often eccentric wizard is always met with mixed emotions due to his "Half-helping" nature, A undoubtably good character one who lives his life in the pursuit of better bending magic to the will of man (As is the Harpell's way). Upon several occasions his magical casting has been put off by others who know better than to let a harpell have his way with magic.

Harkle's Involvment in  series Edit

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Harkle Harpell and the rest of his eccentric wizard family make their first appearance in Streams of Silver


Harkle is the matriarch of the Harpell Family, currently residing in Longsaddle. Many of his spells backfire upon Drizzt do-urden and his friends and his himself. His only spell that seems to not have gone awry was the casting of the Fog of Fate, which transports to wherever they need to go to accomplish their goals. After casting that particular spell, he found himself stuck in the middle of the Sea of Swords, but Drizzt quickly rescued him while aboard the Sea Sprite. Harkle was magically whisked back to Longsaddle, where he seemed to have forgotten his entire previous journey with Drizzt do-urden and his friends.