250px-4e balor

Errtu brandishing his whip and sword


Errtu is one of the demons of the Planes of Existence, a balor (Chaotic Evil).


  • 12 Feet Tall
  • Covered in blood-red scales (Shade of rust)
  • Large wings
  • Described throughout the books to have a "a horned, ape-like head" and a "canine maw" in Salvatore's 2007 book, Passage To Dawn


  • His infamous multi-tailed whip
  • Lightning Sword
  • Demonic Strength
  • Demonic Magic
  • Uber


Errtu is described to be ruthless and bloodthirsty, but also cunning and not unwilling to offer alliance to those whom he thinks will gain him greater power. (Akar Kessel, Lolth, etc.)

He seems to think himself as one of the greater beings of existence, but is put into place by Drizzt Do'Urden during their fight on the Material Prime.