Crenshinibon, or Cryshal Tirith, is an artifact of evil thousands of years old. Almost like a parasite, it grabs hold and takes control of its possesor. In the book The Crystal Shard, Drizzt Do'Urden and company engage in combat against the minions of Cryshal Tirith, ending in the destruction of the tower and the death of it's possessee, Akar Kessel. A
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The Rise of Cryshal Tirith

crystalline tower created in the image of, and by the Crystal Shard, Crenshinibon. It exists wherever the Shard is, can replicate itself, but it grows less powerful with each copy. It's power comes from the sun, which the tower can intensify it into a beam of pure energy that can cause a small town to light like kindle. The only way in which to destroy the towers(not the shard itself)is to climb to the peak of the tower where the original shard resides, and cover it with a bag to block it out. Once that is the done, the tower will begin to tremor or shake, which will cause it to collapse into a large pile of rubble.