Catti-brie and Drizzt

Life Edit

Cattie-brie is the daughter of Bruenor Battlehammer, spouse of Drizzt do-urden, and friend of Wulfgar,. Cattie-brie was adopted by the battle-hardened dwarf when she was young, growing up to be the Princess of Mithral Hall. She also met Drizzt at a younger age, after he came up out of Menzoberranzan. She met Wulfgar after he was let out of the mines after the Battle of Icewind Dale.

As of Wulfgar's apparent death, she spent most of her time with Drizzt do-urden. She soon fell in love with the ranger, but Wulfgar's sudden reappearance during their battle with the demon, brought a confusion into Cattie-brie. On their way to Luskan, Wulfgar's years of torment unleashed, and he went into a rage, striking Cattie-brie, then storming off to Luskan on his own into the night.

A number of years later, the friends had reunited, Wulfgar with a wife and daughter, and Cattie-brie with Drizzt. But, Drizzt had disappeared after he thought his friends had died in a horrible siege, and so Cattie-brie had to brave the Storming of Mithral Hall without her dearest friend.

Training Edit

Cattie-brie began to train vigorously, especially after rescuing Drizzt in Menzoberranzan. She trained with her father in defence and with Drizzt in offense.