Bruenor Battlehammer, a dwarf that lived in Icewind Dale, was the last descendent to the throne of Mithral Hall. Took Catti-Brie in as his own when she was a young girl, airgo the dwarfin accent. Also took in Wulfgar of the Elk Tribe during the Battle of Icewind Dale when Bruenor knocked him unconcious. Befriended Drizzt do-urden, was suspicious at first, but became friends over time. Created the mighty hammer Aegis-fang, for his "son" Wulfgar. Gained golden mithral armor and weapons from his forefathers when he enters Mithral Hall with his friends the first time. Killer of Shimmergloom, the ruling dragon of Mithral Hall.

250px-Bruenor Battlehammer - Todd Lockwood

Bruenor Battlehammer in Golden Armor; location: Mithral Hall

Bruenor traveled with Drizzt for many years until seperated in Mithral Hall by the Assassin Artemis Entriri. Bruenor flew in a magical flaming chariot, given to him by the Lady of Silverymoon, to The Sea Sprite where he helped rescue Drizzt.

Resides in Mithral Hall with the rest of the clans of Mithral Hall.